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Thanks to our partnership witht the association OchaCaffé, during the Festival del Fumetto di Novegro on February 2nd-3rd 2019, the works of the artists on our platform will be on show. The pictures made available by our artists will be shown on a monitor. Fifteen works selected by our staff will be printed on 50x70 canvas each and their artists will have a dedicated time slot at our stand to meet their fans and show their artworks (entry ticket to the event not included).


How can I make my artworks registered on Rights Chain available for the event?

It's simple: in your gallery we added a button with a flag under each picture; by clicking on it, you will be able to choose whether or not to make the artwork available for the event.

Click here to read our blog article on how to do it.


How will I know which works are going to be printed on canvas?

We will send an e-mail and publish a blog post to highlight the selected works.


How much time do I have to upload an artwork?

You can upload them whenever you like, as events will take place all spring. If you would like to be one of the artists presented at the Novegro event however, you will need to upload your work by January 15th. If you upload them after that date, you can participate in the first available event.


Which artworks will be selected for show?

All those that that will be themed around comics and cartoons: pages of original comics, illustrations and cosplay photos (be it of a famous published comic, self productions or original characters).


Rights Chain actively supports artists, emerging or establilshed. That's why it gives you this tool to increase your visibility free of charge without requiring a paid subscription, only your free registration to our platform.


Luca Donnarumma

Luca Donnarumma


Biography under review.

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