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For those who create content, concept design or wish to protect their work, whether on commission or before publication or distribution: creativity has value.

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Data is the most important asset of any company: from start-ups to research and development companies a range of services and solutions dedicated to the protection of digital data and intellectual property.

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Managing digital data, the dangers to which it is constantly exposed, its reliability, change tracking, governance: what are the best methodologies and technologies for proper and effective data management?

rcRMS is the platform created by Rights Chain for the management of Copyright and Intellectual Property.

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Brand Identity between Fan Art and copyright: Samsung and Sam

A digression on a corporate communication phenomenon that has touched more than meets the eye.

By Sebastian Zdrojewski, 2021-06-24, Business

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rcRMS: the most important new features of our new platform

Four years after the first version of our copyright registration and management system dedicated to the digital world, we released a brand new version: here are some of the new features available and a preview of what's to come.

By Rights Chain, 2021-05-29

Why using Rights Chain? Commissioned works

Let's start a column of articles related to the reasons why it is important to think about copyright. Our first example will be about works done on commission.

By Sebastian Zdrojewski, 2021-03-16

How AI could wipe out creativity

Every day we see how #AI technologies are allegedly disrupting this or that industry. But what happens when AI is starting to mess with #creativity? Could it possibly #kill it?

By Sebastian Zdrojewski, 2020-07-22

Crisis, fear, and ad-based platforms: how to help the propagation of fake news

Story of a Fake News exploiting nothing less than the reputation of the Anonymous Collective: how many and which things have gone wrong from Facebook to Yahoo Finance?

By Sebastian Zdrojewski, 2020-05-10

Creativity counts. Creativity counts.

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