Thank You from the Rights Chain Team - Happy Holidays!

The year is drawing to a close, Winter has arrived and the longest night of the year has passed.
Soon the days will begin to lengthen again and the icy darkness of these months will be a distant thought.
Nevertheless, for now, let us live in the present.

Today, we want to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and look ahead. 

The Christmas season tends to be particularly stressful for most people; some have to come to terms with the loneliness that the holidays inevitably bring, others have to fight against social norms and consumerism that involve buying a gift for every single person they consider part of their life, others still cannot afford to take a break and disconnect from work, whether due to personal habit or factors beyond their control.

We want to remind you that you come before any social obligation.
Whether you are a believer or not, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this moment is for you and you only.
This period is universally recognised as a time that should be a source of tranquillity and joy, a time to be shared with those dear to you (be it family, a dog, a cat or a group of friends) and to be filled with activities that actually make you feel good - and if what makes you feel good is to pretend that it is not Christmas, then it is not Christmas.

No one can decide how you should celebrate. No one can tell you how to live your life.

With this thought, we would like to thank everyone who has worked with us during 2023 and, of course, wish you a festive season full of satisfaction and happiness. Your support, your ideas and the exchanges we have had the opportunity to share with you over the past months have allowed us to grow and understand the needs of today's artists. The relationship we have been fortunate enough to establish with some of you has been fundamental in enabling us to improve our services and adapt them to your needs - of course, many updates are still a work in progress!

Hoping to support and protect more and more artists in the year to come, we wish you Happy Holidays and a peaceful end to this 2023!


Yako, and the Rights Chain Team.

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Columnist, (He/Them)

Content Creator for cosplay, gaming and animation. With a degree in foreign languages and a great passion for Oriental culture, he writes about copyright to protect the work of artists and young minds. A cosplayer since 2015, Yako is an advocate of gender identity and the development of one's creativity through personal attitudes: be it role-playing, cosplay or writing.