Rights Chain v.2023

The year 2023 has begun, and it is already full of news. We have seen the approach of Artificial Intelligences applied to art, a subject we will discuss in the near future. We have observed the decline of social media, with a dramatic drop in views and a strengthening of their moderation and, to be blunt, censorship of content on all platforms.

What does 2023 hold in store for us?

Hard to say, but we can share our plans.

Social Media

With the collapse of Twitter last November, there has been a lot of talk about alternatives, where to move, whether it is really worth even thinking about moving. To find out what we're talking about, Rights Chain tried Mastodon, the decentralised microblogging platform most similar to Twitter. And to test it, we created two different 'instances', one entirely dedicated to Digital Art, the other to the world of Cosplay. No algorithms to influence visibility, no advertising, no tracking cookies, our Team ready to intervene in case of need for moderation or intervention.

Want to know more? Here are the links:

  • Only Arts https://onlyarts.social
  • Only Cosplays https://onlycosplays.social 

Registration is free of charge and you do not need to be registered on the rcRMS platform to access it.

Of course, the app for Android and Apple is also available.


Did you know that we created a "short-url" service to allow artists to have all their links and social channels in one link?

Like Linktree or similar?


With the difference that the artists registered on the rcRMS platform are all already verified, so we have reduced the danger of fake accounts as in other cases.

The service already offers a downloadable and printable QR code to be shared on business cards or works. Activating it is just a single click on your profile page.


In December we resumed work on the rcRMS platform to fix bugs that we already have visibility of and to introduce new features. The first changes will be available in early February.

Among the bugs already being fixed and new features on the way, you may find:

  • Fixing the artworks gallery for better usability
  • Restoration of QR codes for artworks and missing watermarks (both due to change of provider - see below)
  • Introduction of Fanart and physical artworks registration

And speaking of Fanart...

Can Fanart be registered on Rights Chain?

We learned that there has been some confusion and misunderstanding on the topic of fanart and their registration. Leaving room for further discussion later, the short answer is yes, one can register fanart through our platform, with the following restrictions:

  • Registration certifies that the illustration is by the registered artist and its date of registration
  • Registration does not provide for the attribution of rights to the Original Work

But we will return to this topic shortly.

Fairs and Events

As a result of situations during 2022, we have decided to change our strategy for events such as fairs and festivals. We will be present at the most important fairs, but in the audience. Yako, our correspondent par excellence, has already met several Artists and Cosplayers at past events. We will continue to visit the self-areas (where they are present) and meet artists with great pleasure.

Would you like us to visit you at the fair? Contact us (via the Rights Chain website, not Social Media) to find out who can come and where.

As for collaborations, we have not abandoned our projects. We are simply working on something, and we will share it at the earliest opportunity!

Content and Interviews

Thanks to our Communications Team, we already have a number of interviews and new content ready for the Blog and Press Area. You can find our articles, opinions, news and interviews in the 'blog' section of the corporate website, and news from the world of copyright and data protection in the 'News from the World' area.

A more forward-looking look

In 2022, we were asked a number of uncomfortable questions, especially on the topic of Blockchain, environmental impact, sustainability. The fact that the people we are dealing with are so attentive to these topics is very inspiring and tests our preparedness.

Between November and December 2022, we have decided to move away from our previous hosting platforms to an entirely European operator, OVH. The decision follows the will to play by UK and EU rules such as GDPR (which, in our opinion, better protect the interests of citizens and also of artists), as well as the transparency that the provider offers on energy consumption policy, renewables and the circular economy.

We also plan to publish, in the coming months, the practical steps we have taken, in our own small way, to address environmental sustainability in our operations.

Changes to data processing

Last but not least, the topic of personal data.

We didn't change our way of managing your data.

Rights Chain does not pass on, in any way, personal data of members or its customers to third parties, except for legitimate purposes (taxes, payment gateways).

Here is a quick summary of the current situation:

  • All data is managed and monitored by Rights Chain Ltd. and no third parties
  • Personal data resides on servers in London with backup copies on EU territory
  • No data is passed to the US or other non-EU or UK countries
  • Rights Chain sites do not use third party cookies of any kind (have you seen any cookie banners?)
  • Site access statistics (stats.rightschain.co) are under the management and ownership of Rights Chain Ltd. and do not take into account or track user behavior or habits
  • Rights Chain does not have Apps on Android or iOS: the site and platform are also usable on mobile with Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera Mobile browsers.

Do you have doubts or curiosity about data protection, confidentiality or privacy? Write to us. This is a subject we do not joke about.


About the Author

Sebastian Zdrojewski

Sebastian Zdrojewski

Founder, (He/Him)

Worked for 25 years in the IT industry facing cyber security, privacy and data protection problems for businesses. In 2017 founds Rights Chain, a project aiming to provide resources and tools for copyright and intellectual property protection for Content Creators, Artists and Businesses.