Launching rcBleach™: create NFTs from any image removing any watermark and copyright

Tired of dealing with copyright infringement?

After years of work, thousands of hours of development we are pleased to introduce rcBleach™, the ultimate Rights Chain solution that can remove any watermark, signature and copyright from any image.

Need an illustration? Just download it!

Upload the image to rcBleach™ and in less than a minute our system will find the original file at a higher resolution and start preparing it. Do you want a new avatar, the cover for your Spotify song, the cover of your new eBook or do you need to print a poster for an event?

Have you seen it at an event? All you need is a photo!

Have you seen the perfect image or photo in person? No problem. Just take a photo of the work, upload it to our rcBleach™ app (available in all Android and Apple stores from April 2022) and select the work. Our system will take care of the rest.

The most complex technology simplified to the max!

A deep learning neural network underpins an extraordinary artificial intelligence system running on Jiuzhang 2, the world's most powerful quantum computer. Billions of images, illustrations and videos collected from the web have been used to train the algorithm to remove watermarks, original author's signature and copyright.

Monetise your work immediately!

But rcBleach™ doesn't stop there: once the references to the original author have been removed, an NFT (Non Fungible Token) will be generated with which you can start monetising your new image immediately.

Try rcBleach™ now, for FREE!

Never again run the risk of receiving copyright infringement complaints or spending money to commission work. Use any image, photograph or illustration without risking a thing!



It's an April fools. But...





Creating content of any kind is a demanding activity that requires study, resources, time and commitment. Appropriating content created by others for one's own benefit is a wrong and illegal practice, with consequences that can be serious. But first and foremost, it harms those who strive to create content and make it available to the public, perhaps as a source of income.

rcBleach™ may be an April Fool's joke, but it is based on hard facts.

How often do you go searching for an image on a search engine or social media? As long as it is for personal use, it is not a problem. When it is used for other purposes, it might become one. This is why search engines include a statement that 'some images may be copyrighted'. The reality is that they all are, and using them improperly can lead to takedown requests or infringement with financial claims. And yes, this happens more often than you might imagine.

In 2017, Google published a study showing how easy it is to remove watermarks from popular stock-photography images. While the article was created to help content creators use more effective watermarks, it actually highlights how easy it is to create systems that can remove watermarks or intellectual property marks with free, public domain tools. During our research we have already found sites that can remove watermarks and signatures transparently.

The Stock Photography marketplaces are now being put to the wall by a very real and, unfortunately, particularly effective threat: NFTs. The latest 'hype' around Blockchain technology, over the last year we have seen an explosion of sites promising content creators to 'monetise' their work immediately - with promising returns. As we often say, the opportunity is quickly seized by those who steal other people's work and fraudulently put it up for sale. Deviant Art claims to scan more than 3.8 million NFT images every week and has sent more than 80,000 alerts of potential infringement.

For Content Creators Rights Chain creates solutions and tools for the protection and registration of digital works that can also be used in case of take-down requests or copyright infringement.

For Collectors and Creativity Advocates it offers tools that allow you to verify that you own an original work, thus supporting the creation and dissemination of original content.

About the Author

Sebastian Zdrojewski

Sebastian Zdrojewski

Founder, (He/Him)

Worked for 25 years in the IT industry facing cyber security, privacy and data protection problems for businesses. In 2017 founds Rights Chain, a project aiming to provide resources and tools for copyright and intellectual property protection for Content Creators, Artists and Businesses.