rcRMS: the most important new features of our new platform

Our work on rcRMS continues unabated.

Four years have passed since the release of the first version of the Rights Chain platform, and in March we released a completely new version of our platform for the management and protection of copyright and highly creative content.

After almost two months of tests and adjustments, here is a short list of the most important new features.

Regulations and Licences

Perhaps less visible but no less important, we have introduced an important new feature in the management of the licences that can be associated with registered works.

All the variants of the Creative Commons licences are now available during registration, in addition to the more classic 'All rights reserved' licence, which is the one naturally associated with the publication of a Creative Work.

In addition to the information on the registered work, the registration certificate contains additional information such as:

  1. a short biography of the Author of the Work together with an avatar
  2. the list of social media associated with that profile
  3. a reference to the law or legal code of the associated licence

The rcRMS platform automatically selects the legislation in force according to the user's country of residence. Within rcRMS, the full texts and references to updated legislation are already present, including:

  • Australia: Copyright Act of 1968
  • Italy: Law No. 633 of 22 April 1941
  • United Kingdom: Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
  • United States: Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17)

In addition, of course, to the whole set of rules and legal texts of:

  • Creative Commons 4.0 International

With this important addition, the public certificate of registration offers even more useful information in the event of requests to take down infringing content or to support challenges.

The registration certificates, like all other publicly available parts, are automatically available in both English and Italian.

Author and rcSocial Profile

We have improved the user profiles for a more pleasant and personalised Author experience.

In the "Authors" section, you can now add an avatar or profile picture, which will appear on the licence page and in rcLink (which we will describe shortly).

In addition to the profile photo, you can add a short biography and links to your social media or official stores. In an effort to always offer advantageous solutions to Artists, Rights Chain will check every single channel to reduce the risk of problems or display errors.

Once the social media profile has been 'validated', as mentioned above, it will be visible on the certificate page, but not only that: periodically Rights Chain will verify that the profile is accessible, sending a notification to the user if we find anomalies with their profile. At a time when profiles can be deactivated or taken over by malefactors, the online presence and reputation of artists is a more than important factor.

Social media functionality will be further extended in the coming months, based on our ongoing projects and feedback from Artists registered with rcRMS.

rcLink: all links in one link

In the Author area, you can also enable rcLink, a feature that will provide the Author with a QR-Code and a short link to their profile. Like similar services, rcLink offers a page listing all the social links on your profile, along with your profile photo and biography.

With a few additions.

If the Rights Chain systems "notice" an anomaly with the profile, they will send the user a notification and deactivate the link until it is verified: to protect the image and reputation of the artist and the integrity of their accounts.

rcRMS for Business

The rcRMS platform has been enhanced with an additional feature: an entire set of functions dedicated to companies that acquire or use content with high creative value.

Currently being tested with a number of companies, rcRMS already offers functions such as the registration of content purchased from third parties (e.g. Getty Images or Adobe Stock). With a simplified procedure it is possible, in fact, to register the content purchased and associate it with the proof of purchase of the licence. This registration allows, in the event of a dispute or 'copyright strike', to provide a link to information about the purchased material, the licence and proof of purchase (typically an invoice).

For more information on rcRMS for Business solutions, please contact us directly via our contact form on the relevant page.

Heading photo by Vincentas Liskauskas on Unsplash

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