Creative Commons Global Summit 2018

The Creative Commons Global Summit 2018 took place in Toronto, Canada from April 13th to 15th.

CC’s annual Global Summit brings together an international community of leading technologists, legal experts, academics, activists, and community members who work to promote the power of open worldwide.

The Summit provides leaders, stakeholders, and the broader open web community an opportunity to drive the open movement forward, cross-pollinate ideas and expertise, and expand our impact.

Within the scope of our Initiative, we attended the Summit to acquire further information on the events within the Copyright world on a global scale.

Although this was our first time attending, we had the chance to talk about technology, specifically the Blockchain technology and how we adopted this solution for handling the Artwork registration through our platform.

We had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and seeing known faces, while exchanging opinions and acquiring new knowledge on themes ranging from the rights of Authors and Creators, to ethics and morals of knowledge sharing.

Specifically, we can also say we had the chance to voice the opinions and worries of the Artists we talked to, who allowed us to ask questions on concrete issues, looking for concrete solutions.

Between delayed flights and jet-lag, we have promptly resumed working on a system update, in preparation of upcoming new features and graphic changes. We will provide more information in our next updates through our social media accounts. In the meantime, we are getting ready for the Comicon fair in Naples, which is about to begin, which is coming up and which we will attend in collaboration with Ochacaffè.

About the Author

Sebastian Zdrojewski

Sebastian Zdrojewski

Founder, (He/Him)

Worked for 25 years in the IT industry facing cyber security, privacy and data protection problems for businesses. In 2017 founds Rights Chain, a project aiming to provide resources and tools for copyright and intellectual property protection for Content Creators, Artists and Businesses.