Dealing with Databreach: being prepared to manage a crisis

  • 2023-06-30 08:00:00
  • Avvocato 360

An initiative conducted together in conjunction with our partner ISDC, a webinar to discuss a difficult and highly topical issue: how to handle a Data Breach.

The impact of a cyber-attack, has implications for companies in several ways, not just the loss of access to data: the impact on those directly affected, on confidential company information, with direct and indirect economic consequences.

Properly managing corporate communication during a cyber-incident is crucial for damage containment, protecting the reputation of the affected company and improving IT security.

The webinar is also a prelude to the release of a whitepaper on 'cyber incident management' aimed at business owners, DPOs, CISOs and IT departments, in the works by Rights Chain and ISDC Council, which will be available from late September 2023.

The webinar will be held by Alessandro Benvegnù, a lawyer expert in new technology law and owner of the firm of the same name, Gianluca Rotino head of the Legal and Strategy division of Rights Chain Ltd. as well as its co-founder and Sebastian Zdrojewski, Cybersecurity Advisor also founder of Rights Chain, as well as one of the founding members of the Italian ISDC Council.

The target of this webinar is the legal advisor and Data Protection Officer world, legal figures involved not only in the management of communications to the authorities, but key figures in the safeguard of integrity and corporate communication during a crisis situation such as a data breach or a cyber incident could turn out to be.