Families who sued social media companies years ago are taking matters into their own hands.

  • 2024-04-30 08:00:00
  • CNN

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The enormous impact of social networks on the minds of their users is nothing new, especially when it comes to young people and children, who are still growing up. The influence of these environments on those who use them is undeniable, whether they are minors or not - however, age is a key factor when analysing the effects of these applications on the human psyche.

Sadly, we have reached a point where we are no longer surprised when faced with misfortunes occurring within this sphere, often characterised by extreme actions on one's own life or that of others. Desensitisation has gradually made its way into collective existence, which has further complicated the fight against this situation.

Parents of several victims of similar tragedies have filed complaints against social networks that have indirectly provided fertile ground for the perpetration of such crimes, leading to the creation of organisations dedicated to the prevention of such. In the reference article you will find the stories of these families.