The Dystopian Future of TV Is AI-Generated Garbage.

  • 2024-05-01 08:00:00
  • 404 Media

'Next Stop Paris' is the next TV project of the world's second-largest TV company TCL, and it looks like a rather questionable-looking romantic comedy. From what was announced last Friday with the release of the trailer, the work will be entirely produced by means of artificially generated content - which is why the presentation video does not seem to have managed to maintain a certain consistency in the appearance of the protagonists.

The lip-synching is completely off, clips look like screen savers generated by Midjourney and animated via After Effects, scenes are not detailed, and the edges of the subjects keep blending into each other.

This film will probably make for an evening of laughter among friends, but it hides a much more worrying prediction: the future of television content may turn out to be much more like this than we expect.