Instagram Advertises Nonconsensual AI Nude Apps.

  • 2024-05-02 08:00:00
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Any Internet user will have had, at some point, the impression that the dangers of the world wide web were hidden in the darkest recesses of the net, and that all you had to do to avoid running into them was to stay on the beaten path - when it comes to artificial intelligence, unfortunately, the situation is not so simple.

Recently, various artificial intelligence apps have taken the app stores by storm; whether it be image manipulation to find out what you would have looked like in the 1980s, or to see what you would look like in the Cyberpunk video game, it is safe to say that these apps have caught the Internet's attention.

Unfortunately, the situation worsened exponentially when these apps began advertising themselves on popular social networks (including Instagram), highlighting the long-awaited new feature: the ability to use AI to virtually 'undress' the figures depicted in the images provided to them.