Comicon Napoli, 83 illegal workers at booths, 200 thousand euros in fines: the inspection's results.

  • 2024-05-10 08:00:00
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In the week leading up to the dates of the famous Napoli Comicon, a precise control and verification operation was carried out by the city's Inspectorate of Labor and Carabinieri aimed at protecting the workers present during the days of the convention. The investigation led, in fact, to the discovery of the presence of as many as 83 undeclared workers, engaged in setting up and running the booths on site for the event. 

Due to the exceeding of the 10 percent undeclared labor threshold, 22 business suspension orders were called, all accompanied by more than 200,000 euros in administrative fines.

The coordination of the intervention was handled by Giuseppe Patania, the director of the Southern Italy Interregional Labor Directorate, and Giuseppe Cantisano, the director of the Naples Metropolitan Area Inspectorate.