Digital art, NFT and cryptocurrencies: more than EUR 550,000 in tax evasion discovered in Verona.

  • 2024-05-13 08:00:00
  • Prima Verona

Following the rise of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, unfortunately, the term "digital artist" has gained a rather negative reputation due to the illicit activities perpreted by certain individuals. This is precisely the case with two of the subjects of today's reference article.

Recently, an investigation carried out by the financiers of the Verona Provincial Command revealed tax evasion amounting to 522,000 euros. The investigation started from an in-depth analysis carried out by the Rome Guardia di Finanza's Special Unit for the Protection of Privacy and Technological Fraud, which identified the presence of two self-proclaimed "digital artists" who were experts in selling NFTs - without ever declaring their income.

The same situation was later seen once the existence of a "miner," also unwilling to declare his earnings, was discovered.