Shein in EU crosshairs: the Chinese giant will also have to follow the Digital Act rules. Here's what changes.

  • 2024-05-16 08:00:00
  • QN Economia

The introduction of the Digital Act into the European digital landscape is bringing about a series of profound changes in the continent's online environment - be it entertainment or shopping. Together with Tiktok, Aliexpress and Amazon, Shein's huge e-commerce also recently joined the club of what the Digital Act defines as ‘very large platforms’.

In order to be able to operate on European soil, Shein will therefore have to comply with the new regulations introduced by the aforementioned law: from the end of August, the platform will have to undergo annual audits to monitor the risk of illegal content.

Given the platform's tendency to use copyrighted designs, the rules it will have to comply with may finally put an end to the misuse perpetrated so far.