'AI can help people keep physical jobs for longer'.

  • 2024-05-20 08:00:00
  • BBC

Currently, the introduction of artificial intelligence within the working world seems to have caused more panic and concern than actual improvement;  following the implementation of this technology in various professional sectors, there has been an increase in the firing of human workers - only to be replaced by AI tools.

The problem does not lie in the technology itself, but in the use one decides to make of it. In England, for example, a company used AI to identify pressure points and potential problem areas on the bodies of mechanics, and then built exoskeletons specifically designed to reduce the impact of manual labour on operators.

Using this emerging technology, which has already proven to be a valuable resource in the medical and scientific fields, to protect the health of operators could be the optimal way to safeguard work positions while simultaneously harnessing AI for good.