Cyberattack forces major US health care network to divert ambulances from hospitals.

  • 2024-05-14 08:00:00
  • CNN

Shortly after the latest cyber-attack against the US healthcare network, yet another of the nation's healthcare systems has become the victim of an inconvenient cyber-assault. Ascension, the non-profit network in question, is based in St. Louis and runs 140 hospitals in 19 different states - due to the mentioned issue, it was forced to divert its ambulances from one clinic to another.

In addition, following the attack in early May, the organisation had to cut off access to electronic medical records and various systems for requesting certain tests, procedures and drugs.

In order to cope with these difficulties, Ascension announced that, for a period, it will mainly use ‘downtime procedures’ - a methodology that involves the use of backup processes and paper documents to continue operations.