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Interview on Danceland, July 2020

Interview on Danceland, July 2020

On page 67 of Danceland, the magazine dedicated to the world of electronic music, entertainment and DJs, an interview with Rights Chain and its activities in protecting and managing copyright in the digital age.
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Corriere della Sera: what other uses besides cryptocurrencies for blockchain
Italian newspaper "Corriere della Sera" mentions Sebastian Zdrojewski, CEO at Rights Chain, about the use of Blockchain technology outside fintech, specifically applied to Copyright
A look at who's behind modernisation of the copyright processes

Can blockchain play a role in the modernisation of the copyright processes? Rights Chain has been mentioned in this article by Andrew Hayward on Decrypt along with names like Sony, Microsoft, and other companies working on the copyright problem in the digital era, helping protect artists from pirates.

New technologies for public health, between Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
As part of our new technology dissemination events, we had the privilege to address the topic of the blockchain during one of the ESOF 2020 events in Trieste. Sebastian Zdrojewski, Director of Rights Chain Ltd., had the opportunity to discuss the basics of blockchain technology, its limitations and myths alongside leading figures such as Marco Manca, Scientific Attaché CERN Geneva, who in turn spoke about Artificial Intelligence (or, more precisely, Machine Learning).
Rights Chain, the company that protects your intellectual property
Animeclick is one of the most relevant Italian portals dedicated to anime and manga fans. In this article we are glad to be reviewed as the company working for author's intellectual property protection.
Is there potential for the use of blockchain in the field of copyright?
We are glad to be mentioned by media like TechCrunch among those who are working around the Copyright probelm using new technologies.
Sanità Informazione: blockchain applications for public health management at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS)
Sebastian Zdrojewski, Director at Rights Chain talks about how the Blockchain technology could be of help in public health industry on Sanita Informazione, an Italian online magazine dedicated to public health. The interview was taken during the event "Blockchain in sanità" held at the Italian superior institute of health (ISS - Istituto Superiore di Sanità)
Is there potential for using blockchain in the copyright industry?
Between enthusiasm and scepticism about adopting blockchain technology in any field, we are in the classic cycle of hype around the new technology that promises miracles. In this article, Rights Chain is mentioned as one of the companies approaching the problem of copyright.