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Character Design

A number of linked elements can lead to a well-designed character, if the final objective is clear.

Bowser, Bowsette, Nintendo and FanArts: how much are fandoms worth?

What's the worth of fandoms for entertainment giants? Nintendo allows us (once again) to realise how heavily the fanart "market" can influence the success of companies.

Fumettopolis 2018

A short reflection after the Fumettopolis 2018 event organised by Indieversus in Novara.

Mind Your Own Business: going on cloud and losing control over everything
How aware are you of going to the cloud? And how bound will you be to your service provider once it's done?
August 2018 Updates Preview

A quick preview of the updates to the Rights Chain platform made in August 2018.

Creativity, Internet and Business:

A short digression on a business choice consequent to an Internet success which recently fired up some Artists.

Cosplay & Copyright

Could cosplay be considered a Copyright infringement?

The myth on the absolute certainty of RAW files

We have heard far too many times that "RAW" files are absolute proof of authority over a photo, so we decided to go in depth on the subject.

The problem of time and usage licence of Artworks

A short digression on the subject of use licence and registration timings.

Copyright infringement
This week, we're going to talk about copyright infringement and its consequences in greater detail.
#DeleteFacebook and other social media crises

The recent events around Facebook and social media have created some confusion among users. In the end, it's a matter of preference whether or not to leave Facebook one's own data. But what happens to the content? Our content?

The time dilemma and the publication date

Publication date, when is an Artwork born?