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The problem of time and usage licence of Artworks

A short digression on the subject of use licence and registration timings.

Copyright infringement
This week, we're going to talk about copyright infringement and its consequences in greater detail.
#DeleteFacebook and other social media crises

The recent events around Facebook and social media have created some confusion among users. In the end, it's a matter of preference whether or not to leave Facebook one's own data. But what happens to the content? Our content?

The time dilemma and the publication date

Publication date, when is an Artwork born?

What we don't read in the websites terms and conditions

We have decided to have a look at the terms and conditions of websites, those pages we never read and always accept, to look up what they say concerning copyright.


This week, we want to propose a short a short history of the birth of Copyright, and about what it is.

Creative Commons Global Summit 2018

A quick reflection on the event we attended last week

Keeping the Internet free, according to Google

A summary of the Google presentation on copyright and EU reform, held at CopyCamp in Warsaw.

Sharing with care

Were you expecting a post listing the reasons why you should stop sharing your works? Well, this is not it.

Introduction to Blockchain technology
What concepts is it based on? And most of all, what are the potential applications for Blockchain technology?
Fan-Art and Copyright

If I draw a Fan-Art, am I infringing the copyright of the original author?

2017 closing note

A short reflection on the ending year in view of the upcoming 2018.