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Keeping the Internet free, according to Google

A summary of the Google presentation on copyright and EU reform, held at CopyCamp in Warsaw.

Sharing with care

Were you expecting a post listing the reasons why you should stop sharing your works? Well, this is not it.

Fan-Art and Copyright

If I draw a Fan-Art, am I infringing the copyright of the original author?

Introduction to Blockchain technology
What concepts is it based on? And most of all, what are the potential applications for Blockchain technology?
2017 closing note

A short reflection on the ending year in view of the upcoming 2018.

Internet and Copyright: the time dilemma (part 1)
When we use the Internet as a mere tool for sharing information and documents, we usually tend to think of what will happen in the next few hours.
Warsaw CopyCamp 2017

We took part in the most important European event on copyright. Here is a brief preview.

The uncontrolled moderation of social media

The imposition of search controls on search engines, sites and social media is having an ever greater impact on the presence and persistence of online content.

Mid-summer reflections
Compared to the previous blogs, this may be a bit more personal, seen and considered than more than just internal considerations as opposed to an objective view of things.
Rights Chain Initiative: Opening Note
A short digression on the Rights Chain initiative, about what we did and what we intend to do.