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Interview with Talita Lily - italian comic artist and mangaka

Interview with Talita Lily - italian comic artist and mangaka

We are here today with Talita Lily, an artist originally from Cuneo who currently works as a mangaka and cartoonist, also collaborating with the foreign scene. You can find Talita on Instagram as @talita._.art!

In the interview she talks about the origin of her art and her opinion on the art scene nowadays.

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Interview with @tuonipaints - a self-taught finnish artist

In 2022 we began interviewing various artists on the European scene (and not!), giving them another means by which to tell their stories. Giving a voice to those willing to share their experiences with us is an honor and an activity we plan to continue.

Today we meet Eero, a Finnish artist who learned to draw through Internet, later broadening his horizons. You can find him on Twitter as @tuonipaints, and on Instagram as @eero.paints.


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The year 2023 has begun, but our work has not stopped. So here is a quick rundown of news and projects to give a preview of what we have in store for the current year.

Influencers and Reputation: would you compromise your reputation to promote a fraud?

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There are countless artists inspired by things like Genshin Impact to create fan-made merchandise. But is it legal to do so? And if you want to do it legally, what should you do? An in-depth look at fandom, fanart and commercial exploitation rights.

Launching rcBleach™: create NFTs from any image removing any watermark and copyright

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A digression on a corporate communication phenomenon that has touched more than meets the eye.

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Four years after the first version of our copyright registration and management system dedicated to the digital world, we released a brand new version: here are some of the new features available and a preview of what's to come.

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Let's start a column of articles related to the reasons why it is important to think about copyright. Our first example will be about works done on commission.

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Every day we see how #AI technologies are allegedly disrupting this or that industry. But what happens when AI is starting to mess with #creativity? Could it possibly #kill it?

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