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45% of the EU's total economic activity is attributable to the intellectual property industry worth EUR 6.6 trillion in Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Design and Copyright. (25 September 2019, EUIPO)

We have collected in these pages a set of articles and news from around the world on the topic of Intellectual Property and Copyright, selected and verified by our Press Office.


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New wave of takedowns of videos recorded by the platform for copyright infringement

Twitch is back on the offensive with a new communication to its streamers: with more than 1,000 complaints arriving in a short time about copyright infringement in recorded videos (VOD - Video on Demand). A predictable action that, however, once again raises the issue of the use of copyrighted material (background music) played without permission from the label.

Don Henley on how giant platforms are ripping off content creators

An interesting perspective on how the web giants are (quote) robbing content creators of their rights as authors. And how the DMCA is obsolete for the times we live in. It would also be worth adding the fact that the DMCA should only apply to US residents, but that it directly (and violently) impacts the rights of all other users of those platforms as well.